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Free Trial Offer of the game-changing fleet management solution

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Lightfoot’s unique driver safety technology is delivering robust and sustained returns for some of the UK’s largest and most complex fleets.

During the months of August and September, Lightfoot is offering a free 6-week trial to any UK-based fleet of over 100 Vans and/or Cars (subject to terms & conditions).

The Lightfoot trial is unique in the industry and provides a clear ROI forecast for fleet owners by comparing vehicle and driver performance with and without Lightfoot. 

Should you like to know more – please complete the demo request form here.

TP Fire & Security boosts driver safety and MPG while cutting emissions and idling time

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TP Fire & Security, one of the UK’s leading providers of fire and security protection, has announced the successful implementation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology across its fleet, leading to increases in fuel economy of over almost 10%, a 59% uplift in elite driver numbers, and the eradication of instances of dangerous driving.

Utilising Lightfoot’s pioneering driver rewards platform, TP Fire & Security has also seen an 57% fall in instances of over acceleration, an 8% drop in harsh cornering, and a 7% fall in vehicle idling.

The organisation, which provides everything from alarm system maintenance and installation to extinguisher servicing and risk management, operates a fleet of 34 vans consisting of Citroen Berlingo and Renault Traffic vehicles. 

In addition to its installation team, TP Fire & Security also has an emergency call-out team, which rapidly deploys engineers to address instances of minor equipment faults through to full scale system shut downs.

Requiring swift responses, TP Fire & Security places great emphasis on safe and efficient call-outs, ensuring that its staff arrive on site without delays caused by avoidable accidents or incidents linked to harsh driving styles, particularly in difficult driving conditions.

Lightfoot’s ability to encourage smooth, mindful and above all safe driving, was vital to TP Fire & Security, as vehicles involved in even the most minor of accidents delay call-out times dramatically and put the wellbeing of staff at risk.

In addition to lowering the likelihood of accidents that can lead to vehicle downtime, the smoother driving style promoted by Lightfoot’s real time driver guidance and rewards package has led to a 9.8% reduction in emissions.

Commenting on the positive impact that Lightfoot has had on its drivers, Mel Jackson, Health and Safety Manager at TP Fire & Security, said: “Running a fleet of 34 vehicles has its challenges. Keeping track of drivers is the simple element. Tracking driver behaviour is where the serious management of our fleet takes place. 

“The results are excellent. Our driver performance has increased resulting in a 100% reduction in instances of dangerous driving, plus we’ve seen an uplift in mpg by 9.8%. Our team have transformed the way they drive, aided both by the assistance of Lightfoot’s on board dashboard device and its engaging driver rewards package.

“For us, it’s great. Finally, a solution providing immediate and readily available data with the presence of a continual on-board driving coach.”

Mark Roberts, Lightfoot’s Founder and CEO, commented: “TP Fire & Security has a vital role to play in protecting businesses, providing fire protection and detection services that safeguard premises, staff and assets. Having the ability to get on site safely and with certainty is core to their business, which is why Lightfoot’s ability to enhance duty of care to staff on the road proved so attractive.

“Since installing Lightfoot, TP Fire & Security’s drivers have transformed their driving style. Elite Driver numbers have leapt, and instances of dangerous driving have been eradicated. Add to that lower fuel bills, a reduced carbon footprint and enhanced staff wellbeing through the adoption smoother, safer driving, incentivised via a raft of rewards, and it’s a win-win result for all involved.”

Lightfoot’s innovative in-cab driver feedback helps drivers achieve greater efficiency from their vehicles with fuel savings and corresponding emissions reductions of up to 20%. Combined with falls in at fault accidents by up to 40% and wear and tear costs by 45%, Lightfoot brings about multiple benefits to fleets. 

Its pocket-sized dashboard display device uses live engine data to provide real-time visual and audible feedback to drivers, helping fleets improve efficiency and safety one mile at a time. 

Lightfoot also provides drivers with an app, giving users full insight into their performance and score, alongside access to exclusive competitions which drivers can opt in to enter as soon as they achieve Lightfoot’s ‘Elite Driver’ standard; the point at which fleets see the best efficiencies and savings across the board. In addition to the highly popular cash-prize Drivers’ Lottery, drivers can enter competitions for a range of other prizes that serve as an incentive to maintain a smoother driving style.

Considered revolutionary in the fleet management and telematics worlds, Lightfoot’s disruptive approach to reducing accidents has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the market, including Virgin Media, Greencore, and South West Water.

To find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet, visit

New whitepaper from Webfleet Solutions: ‘Prepare to plug in’

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To coincide with the launch of Webfleet Solutions Electric Vehicle functionality within WEBFLEET, the company have announced a new whitepaper: ‘Prepare to plug in’.

In this edition they explore what electric vehicles will mean for commercial fleets and how telematics can unlock their full value. The big question for anybody that wants to add EVs to their fleet is this: how do I ensure I get all of the positive impact while avoiding the pitfalls? This guide is here to help.

To find our more please visit this website.

WEBINAR: Big data & maximising performance

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‘Let’s Explore’ from Webfleet Solutions is back! Join the team as they explore big data, connected transport management, driver wellbeing and much more. Big data is central to our lives on a level not seen before, even if we don’t know it.

The stock levels available on supermarket shelves, to which TV programs Netflix recommends, or scientific advice in the government’s daily briefings, it’s all a result of big data feeds that everyone is a part of, and fleet is no exception!

Joined by Highways England, the team will explore how big data is already driving change in current transport operations and shaping the future of mobility.

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First Notice of Loss service to fleet managers

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Lightfoot, the award winning in-vehicle technology and driver rewards platform, has launched its First Notice of Loss (FNOL) service to the fleet sector, alerting fleet managers to incidents and accidents, helping to enhance Duty of Care to drivers of fleet vehicles.

The FNOL solution enables fleet managers to instantly assess the level of response required. Drivers can then be contacted to check on their wellbeing, to establish if attendance by the emergency services is needed, or if vehicle recovery is required. The FNOL also provides vital information for fleet managers to pass on to their insurance cover provider, if required. 

Click here to find out more.

AquAid slashes fuel bills, emissions and idling time while enhancing driver well-being

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AquAid, the UK’s leading water cooler supplier, has announced the successful implementation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology within its fleet, leading to increases in fuel economy of over 15%. 

Utilising Lightfoot’s pioneering driver rewards platform, AquAid has also seen an 83% fall in instances of over acceleration, a 40% fall in severe breaking and a 38% drop in harsh cornering.  Lightfoot has also brought about a 9% fall in vehicle idling.

To read the full case study, click here.

Lightfoot launches First Notice of Loss service to fleet managers

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Lightfoot, the award winning in-vehicle technology and driver rewards platform, has launched its First Notice of Loss (FNOL) service to the fleet sector, alerting fleet managers to incidents and accidents, helping to enhance Duty of Care to drivers of fleet vehicles.

The new service, which is available as an add-on to Lightfoot’s range of services, sends notifications within ten minutes of an incident, detailing the severity of the incident, the vehicle involved, its location, direction of travel, g-force caused by the incident, the vehicle’s speed at the time of the incident, and the current status of the vehicle.

For more information, click here.

CASE STUDY: Trakm8 delivers for Pendragon

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As part of the UK’s leading automotive retail group, Pendragon Vehicle Management (a subsidiary of Pendragon Plc), is keenly aware of the importance of effective fleet management.

An established industry leader for more than 30 years, Pendragon Vehicle Management provides a suite of fleet-focused services to its varied client base, including dedicated account management, an online driver centre and a variety of Fleet Funding options, including contract hire, sale/leaseback and contract purchase.

No stranger to the telematics market, Pendragon Vehicle Management recognised a growing need among its customers for insights that went beyond just vehicle tracking. Identifying that requirement was what first led Pendragon to Trakm8, the UK’s leading telematics solutions provider. 

Tony Nicholson, New Business National Account Manager at Pendragon Vehicle Management, takes up the story: “For our customers, vehicle assets are the lifeblood that powers their business, and as such, they want to make sure that their fleets are working as efficiently as possible, and delivering maximum return on investment. 

“While the basic telematics provision of vehicle tracking is obviously a critically important consideration for fleet managers, tracking alone doesn’t provide enough insights to truly amplify efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness across fleets. 

“Our customers increasingly need solutions that give them a deep-dive, holistic insight into vehicle health, provide ergonomic route planning and monitor driver behaviour, identifying possible training opportunities. Knowing Trakm8 could deliver all of these, and more, in one, data-rich package made them our ideal telematics partner.

“Since coming on board, Trakm8 has helped us revolutionise our telematics offering for customers, enabling Pendragon to become even more reactive and intuitive to its needs. One such example can be found in our work with one of Britain’s largest household goods retailers, which maintain a fleet of more than 400 vehicles. 

“The business was seeking to streamline the fuel expenditure across its fleet. Working with Trakm8, we were able to develop an app-based platform for the organisation, which tracked fuel consumption against driver behaviour, enabling the business to then provide bespoke, fuel efficient-centred training to the drivers.

“Without the access to that data, provided by Trakm8 technology, we simply wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a service. Across the board, Trakm8’s data-led approach has allowed us to be more consultative with clients; an important consideration at a time when fleet managers are becoming ever more risk averse. Technology that can alert to potential problem point, be it vehicular health or driver behaviour, to vehicle cameras that provide invaluable evidence in the result of an accident, are proving to deliver fleet managers valuable peace of mind, and it’s fantastic that we can offer that to our customers, via our relationship with Trakm8.”

Chris Horbowyj, Channel Sales Director at Trakm8 (pictured), added: “It’s fantastic to be able to provide our technology to an organisation with such a widely recognised brand as Pendragon. Working with such a wide variety of well-known clients, Pendragon needed a solution that was the right fit for the diverse needs of their customer base; we’re delighted our data led insights are helping Pendragon deliver for their clients, and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”    

For more information on the full range of products and services offered by Trakm8, please visit:

What coming out of lockdown means for electrification in fleets

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By Shaun Sadlier, Head of Consultancy, Arval UK

The moment before lockdown perhaps now seems like a long time ago but, if you cast your mind back to early March, there was much excited talk about the prospects for electric vehicles on UK fleets.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak had just announced a three-pronged commitment from the government to support the EV market – advantageous tax measures for businesses, similar benefits for drivers, and expenditure to support the growth of the charging infrastructure. A whole raft of new EVs were announced that looked set to assist in broadening the fleet appeal of electric cars for fleets and drivers. It seemed as though the moment had come for EVs to become mainstream company cars.

Then coronavirus happened. The question now is, will the lockdown and the “new normal” that follows affect the prospects for electrification?

To answer, we need to ask what has changed for fleets over the last few months? Initial feedback from businesses suggests that there is a refocussing of priorities. While few are signalling any reduction in numbers of vehicles, many will be putting a focus on costs. With this in mind, we at Arval UK see no reason why fleets should waver in their drive towards EV adoption. Indeed, there are factors that may make corporate commitment to zero emissions vehicles even stronger. 

Firstly, the tax incentives and other measures that the Government announced pre-crisis remain in place and are still highly attractive from a financial point of view.

Secondly, while the purchase price of EVs are generally high compared to petrol and diesel cars, our experience at Arval UK is that the total real world running costs are highly competitive and, in some cases, better than internal combustion engine alternatives. This is something that may not yet be widely understood but we are planning wider education to make this point explicit.

Lastly, the desire for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards reduced emissions is unlikely to be changed by coronavirus and there may even be a shift towards placing greater emphasis on these areas as a result of the crisis, to come back better than before – an intention we’ve heard from many of our customers.

So, overall, while there may be a slight delay in the drive towards electrification, the direction of travel hasn’t changed at all, something that we very much welcome. Our view is that electrification is good for businesses, their drivers and the planet. The current crisis hasn’t changed these facts.

University of Bath champions Lightfoot as a game-changer

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The University of Bath’s Chris Brace, Professor of Automotive Propulsion and Director of the Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS), has heralded Lightfoot as a game-changer for modern fleet vehicles, addressing emissions in the real world.

Commenting in an interview, Professor Brace endorsed Lightfoot, saying: “For millions of vehicles on the road, Lightfoot is one of the only ways to reduce the amount of NOx in the real world due to its ability to change driver behaviour in real time.”

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