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Hughes slashes emissions with help of Lightfoot

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Lightfoot has helped Hughes cut vehicle idling by nearly a quarter. The country’s second-largest provider of home entertainment and kitchen appliance rentals, and the UK’s fourth-largest specialist electrical retailer is on target to cut fleet emissions by almost 1,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next five years. That’s the equivalent of 165 homes’ electricity use for one year!

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Protect your business and workforce with the ALL NEW CAM 50 from Webfleet Solutions

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WEBFLEET Video combines dashcam footage with driving data to give you the full context of road incidents. AI technology identifies risky behaviour and notifies the driver, helping them avoid danger. It delivers higher levels of safety, lowers premiums, and can be configured to meet your privacy needs.

  • Protect your drivers against fraudulent insurance claims
  • AI risk detection and in-cab driver alerts help to prevent accidents.
  • Instant access to live streaming and cloud video allows you can take action immediately.

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Pre-orders now open for the WEBFLEET CAM50 dashcam!

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The new Webfleet Solutions CAM 50 combines dashcam footage with WEBFLEET’s award-winning driving data to give you the full context of any road incidents in real-time. Ground-breaking AI technology automatically identifies risky behaviour and notifies the driver, helping them avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Combat non-fault insurance claims against your business
  • Increase safety and protect drivers
  • Automatically record critical driving events
  • On-demand video retrieval via the cloud
  • Live streaming & privacy by design

The pre-order book is now open! Download the datasheet here for more Info or fill in an enquiry form here.

Yodel enhances fleet safety with SmartDrive

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Yodel, the UK independent parcel carrier, has enhanced its fleet safety programme and reduced collision rates over its HGV fleet, using SmartDrive Systems’ managed service video-based safety programme.

The company operates a proactive, ongoing safety improvement programme – implementing the latest technology across all aspects of its fleet to ensure continuous improvement.

The investment in SmartDrive’s video-safety programme has seen Yodel exceed its annual fleet safety target regarding collision reduction, in just six months, as well as exonerating its drivers when not-at-fault and providing protection from fraudulent claims.

Yodel Head of Fleet and Transport, Andy Yemm says: “With SmartDrive we benefit from objective risk scoring of on-road instances and follow up with driver coaching. It was great news to hear that, on the strength of data from the SmartDrive programme, our insurer accepted that our new proactive approach to road safety was capable of significantly reducing our collision risk.”

Yodel decided to adopt a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to on-road fleet risk in 2019 and spent considerable time examining offerings from various camera suppliers. After an intensive head-to-head trial period, it chose SmartDrive.

While other systems would have required the Yodel driver-trainer team to assess thousands of pieces of footage, SmartDrive’s managed service approach means that all footage is reviewed and risk scored in a consistent and objective manner by SmartDrive’s trained safety professionals. It is then made available to Yodel with coaching insights, via an easy-to-use online portal, which was a key benefit for the company.

Yemm says without SmartDrive it would have taken huge internal resources to manage this amount of data effectively and, in practical terms, would have been impossible to implement and objectively use as part of a proactive driver safety improvement programme.

He says his team now has clear guidance as to which incidents to follow up with specified levels of intervention, from debriefing to coaching.

Yemm says the risk scored camera footage is more effective than a driver-trainer assessing from the cab because it generates more reliable real-world observations. The footage is risk scored against a comprehensive list of observations by SmartDrive’s risk analysts.

He says having cameras on the vehicles had an immediate effect on driver behaviour, but the value of the system is the guided coaching.

To find out more email, visit our website, or give us a call on 01442 345180.

Class-leading telematics with no installation, introducing OEM.connect from Webfleet Solutions

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We’ve partnered up with leading vehicle manufacturers to create an easier way for cars and vans to connect with the Webfleet Solutions’ telematics service platform. OEM.connect eliminates the need for after-market hardware installations.

Our integrated solution makes it faster, easier and cheaper for fleet managers and drivers to benefit from telematics technology. The net result? See clear, actionable insights in one single interface. Allowing you to focus on maximising fleet performance, reducing operating costs and instilling a culture of green driving.

Watch the video here.

Lucion rolls out innovative Lightfoot technology

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Gateshead-headquartered Lucion Services, an international leader in environmental risk management services, has announced the roll-out of Lightfoot’s in-vehicle driver efficiency technology and rewards platform to its fleet of 197 vans.

The decision follows successful trials which led to uplifts in mpg by more than 10%, reductions in CO2 emissions by 5.6%, falls in idling time by 29% and the eradication of instances of dangerous driving.

Nearly a thousand tonnes of CO2 will be stopped from entering the earth’s atmosphere over a five-year period, this is equivalent to the carbon captured by over a thousand acres of forest a year.

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Connected mobility with Masternaut

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Masternaut, part of tyre and mobility leader Michelin, is fully committed to connected mobility, because we believe that achieving sustainable mobility is integrally linked to deeper insights and developing better transport planning. Through our IoT activities and making targeted acquisitions, Michelin has become one of the top five fleet management players globally with more than a million vehicles under contract. 

With more than 20% of the EU’s CO2 emissions coming from road transport, as an industry we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. The abrupt 8.8% decrease in global emissions witnessed during the first half of 2020 gives us cause to reflect. 

Unlike other sectors, in the majority of cases not using road transport simply isn’t an option. That’s not to say efficiencies can’t be made however. We estimate that 10% of vehicles in a fleet are under-used or only partially filled at any one time. Reorganising trips, and identifying which technician or driver lives the closest to a job, reduces hours spent on the road, and increases efficiency.  

Safety is of course key and fortuitously many of the elements of eco-driving, such as avoiding harsh acceleration, and maintaining the vehicle properly, also feed into better safety. While investing in a sound sustainable mobility strategy is a vital part of operating responsibly, the benefits to the business are entirely reciprocal. From vehicles spending less time off the road due to minor bumps and scrapes, to huge savings on fuel bills, many of the aspects of sustainable mobility naturally boost productivity too.  

Key to achieving sustainable mobility goals is understanding what’s happening across the entire fleet. By capturing data from all vehicles through a connected fleet technology system, then consolidating and analysing it, the fleet manager can understand the impact of the whole business as well as the role of individuals.  

Setting the right sustainable mobility policy can take time to get right, but the premise is simple. As we look ahead to a time where we return to business as usual, we have a unique opportunity to ensure our new normal reflects the very best ways of working.  

New 500. Meet the electric side of the family

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By FIAT Fleet & Business

The 500 is finally ready to introduce you to the newest members of the family. The 500 has been redesigned form the ground up, delivering more space, more technology, and greater safety; making it the perfect addition to any fleet.

The 500e has a BIK of 0%, Level 2 Autonomous Driving, and a P11D starting price of £22,940. Discover all the new possibilities of the first fully electric city-car by Fiat, with the all-new trim levels: Icon, Passion and Action.

Get your business ready for electrification.
A range of up to 199 miles* which can be extended up to 285 miles* during an urban cycle when used purely for city driving. Get ready to experience a whole new way of driving, the new 500 offers a “Sherpa Mode,” which intuitively saves energy where necessary to get you to your destination without hiccups. And if the battery runs low, you can always fast charge it with several at home and out of-home charging solutions.


The all-new Cinerama Infotainment system on the new 500, with its bright 10.25″ display, makes it easier and clearer to operate. The ultra-fast Bluetooth pairing will connect all the smartphones to the car in less than 5 seconds from door opening.


Experience tomorrow’s technology today. The all-new 500 is the first city car with Level 2 Autonomous Driving thanks to which it can slow down, keep you in the lane and help you control the speed autonomously.

Click here for more information.

For more information please call: 030 3003 4008

Final specification may vary. First Customer deliveries expected early 2021

*These figures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The New Fiat 500 is a battery electric vehicle
requiring mains electricity for charging.
There is a new test for fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures. The electric range shown was achieved using
the new test procedure.
Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare electric range figures with other cars tested to the same
technical procedures.
These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting
charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load

Swiftclean soars with fuel savings of 10%

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Swiftclean, one of the UK’s longest established specialist ventilation hygiene providers, has announced a remarkable reduction in fuel bills, on-road accidents and vehicle damage following the installation of Lightfoot’s in-cab driver guidance system across its fleet of 34 vehicles.

Recording an MPG uplift of 6.1%, record savings in fuel expenses of circa 10% and a dramatic fall in insurance premiums of 20%, the Southend-on-Sea headquartered business has seen a dramatic change in the way its fleet of vehicles are driven, thanks to Lightfoot’s pocket-sized dashboard driver guidance device and rewards platform.

Read the full story here.

Futureproof your fleet with Northgate’s unique mix of dependability, agility, and innovation

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Northgate has been supporting the commercial vehicle needs of British businesses, the public sector and charities for 40 years. We have supported our customers throughout the pandemic emergency every step of the way. As the country re-emerges, Northgate will continue to be there meeting tomorrow’s fleet needs, too. 

We understand that times are extremely challenging, and our customers’ needs are changing. That is why we are continually investing in our people, technology, systems, and products to ensure that we can address all our customers’ fleet concerns.

Northgate has continued its transformation into a specialist B2B customer-centric LCV mobility provider with a full range of necessary support services for van users. We call it Vans as a Service (VaaS).

Customers can access a wide range of LCVs as standard – and any type of vehicle on request. 

Our telematics options have been upgraded with improved dashboards and the addition of fuel card integration, enabling customers to see locations of fuel fill-ups, better detail on vehicle mpg, and identifying any potentially fraudulent activity.  

Our New Accident Management service manages every aspect of incidents– from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to vehicle repair, replacement vehicles and legal services – easing the burden of dealing with multiple incidents and helping to get drivers back on the road, whether a Northgate vehicle or not. 

Our Vehicle Inspection App supports compliance through delivering daily vehicle checks electronically, saving administration and turning checks into a safer paperless exercise.

Driver Risk Management includes a 4-stage driver risk assessment to understand where additional training could be beneficial, reporting suite and range of e-Learning modules and bespoke training that can be used at any stage of the driver cycle.

We believe commercial vehicles should enable businesses to do what they do best. Northgate customers benefit from services and agility not possible to those who buy, or contract hire their fleets. Whatever their needs, Northgate customers know they can rely on our dependability and flexibility.

Find out more at or call us on 0330 042 0903.